Welcome to...

Arcadia Roleplay!

Welcome to Arcadia Roleplay!
We are a FiveM roleplay community. Our server runs on a custom framework, featuring custom functions, mods, interfaces, and much more! It's also much more efficient on resource consumption in contrast to other FiveM servers!
Here at Arcadia Roleplay we strive to create an environment where players can choose what level of seriousness they'd like to partake in whilst roleplaying. With that being said, we do have guidelines and rules that are to be followed at all times. Choose from over 10 legal jobs! There is a whole illegal economy as well. On map drugs, as well as hidden drugs. We offer over 150 custom cars!
What sets our server aside from others is that we have an experienced, mature, and understanding admin team. We are all very laid back, yet attentive when we need be. We try to understand the problem, come to an efficient solution in a timely manner, and ensure that all parties involved are being treated fairly. We will ALWAYS give you a chance to explain yourself, with the exception of cheating (mod menus, spawning stuff in, etc). Our staff are also on nearly 24/7! Join today for an immersive roleplay experience!

What we offer



Tired of waiting for your weed to turn into a weed bag at some point? Tired of waiting for one item to magically transform into another? Tired of camping to sell your drugs? Arcadia Roleplay offers new tours (if you can call it another tour). A system balanced between the gangs and the police in terms of benefits, risks, chases ... A possible evolution for the little ones and especially an increasing danger for the large groups. Who says power, says shit ... And to avoid problems, why not overthrow the government as we know it?


A successful civilian experience with a multitude of professions available. Ranging from different judicial authorities to manual actions, all essential matters are covered. Arcadia Roleplay is not closed to competition. If you want to open a second franchise to compete with the first, you are free to conquer the market! As a bonus, events you want, here it is. All shops on the island are for sale, stocks are filled manually by each owner. We aim for a server without any interaction with NPCs regarding transactions / stores.


Ah ... This sense of accomplishment once you're a boss ... Ah ... This effort to do nothing more ... None of that here. Do you want to stay in control and not get bored? You're going to work hard, buddy. At Arcadia Roleplay you can always develop your business. Start with a taxi box with 3 piles of rust and the ability to carry cash only, and end with an empire with a warehouse worthy of the biggest businesses, premium cars, small businesses (and yes, even card machines that you have to pay for! ), enough to protect employees and many other options.


Set up by experienced players, every move will result in an RP scene. No little mechanic, no "F6 menu" ... All actions taken will reflect the same actions in real life. All businesses will be covered by gamers, from driving school and government to sourcing corporate commodities and food. It's not just being in charge of a club and doing money and doing dirty. Everything is thought out in such a way that every idea, every desire, every action can be carried out in an interesting way.


Health Care


And much more!